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Wite Abstact by Giddy Art

It is wonderful when customers send photographs of their Giddy paintings displayed at home. Whether the paintings are in a contemporary modern home or more traditional space they are displayed with so much care and attention they look truly 'at home'.

Statement paintings from Giddy Art add colour, vibrancy and can be the focal points to any room. Sometimes paintings are chosen to accent existing colours within a space and other times the Giddy Art is the statement piece for the room. Wherever Giddy Art is exhibited it always adds something special to the space, with its naturally uplifting style, vibrant colours and abstract style.

'My art is personal to me and it means a great deal when someone connects with my work. To see it then hung and framed in pride of place in their home makes me Giddy! Thank you, Steve and Amanda, for sending these to Giddy Art they look Giddy-licious and perfectly framed too!!' Aimee Green - GIDDY ART FOUNDER 2017.

White Abstract is in its new home but Giddy Art still have prints available to buy at Saatchi Art.

White Abstract has been framed using Nielsen frames.

Statement Art by Giddy Art

White Abstract SOLD

Abstract Art from Giddy Art




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