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For many 2020 has certainly not been a giddy one. It has though inspired many to use the opportunity to start on a creative path, and begin or start thinking about how they could be creative. However, many of us can find it difficult to know where to start. So here at Giddy Art we decided to create some starter craft packs to help realise creative aspirations.

Giddy Craft packs enable budding creatives to make their own giddy creations, working with the vibrant giddy canvas as the backdrop of the design. Giddy Craft is unique in that the core part of the craft packs include exclusive Giddy Art canvases. Although not signed by the artist, these abstract canvases make Giddy Craft stand out from the crowd, and are the ideal gift for the crafter in your life.

Giddy Craft: unique Giddy Art created by you. 




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